I’m Caitlin. I’d tell you about myself, but I don’t exactly do anything at the moment. I’ve just graduated, you see.

So i originally set up this blog to write about Gap Yah take 2: doing all the things I missed the first time round (for Gap Yah take 1, see getcaitlintothailand.blogspot.com). I lived in Spain for a year and it was pretty cool, but as ever I got bored of blogging along the way and instead wrote a book. Sadly, this is still 98% spread over a variety of notebooks in its original handwritten form.

Anyway, I found myself going away travelling, again, and I thought, whilst I have no ideas yet for a new book, I could revive this with some jealousy inducing posts as I jet off on holiday for 10 weeks. Sorry.

Wish me luck! And happy reading!

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