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Down Time

Okay, so its been awhile.

When you´re about to leave the country, for me at least, the last thing you really want to do is spend extra time on the internet when you could be meeting friends, chatting with the family and in general making the most of what you’ll soon be missing very much.

But thats the otherside of the idea. I have been spending so much time running about up and down the country seeing people, saying both hello and goodbye, doing a little bit of touristing, making endless meals that I haven’t had any down time!

I’ve been running round and round and round so all that I really want to do is lie down and sleep and relax and generally have some ME time.

No such luck.

I’ve just arrived in País Vasco and the last thing I need is to spend time with myself. For anyone else moving abroad or considering it: the first week is the most important. When you have that choice between sleeping/relaxing/keeping yourself to yourself and being paraded round to meet everyone in the entire neighbourhood, take the people, take the generosity. There’ll be plenty of time to relax when they’ve taken you for a recluse.

So, I’m at school now. Right now, I have time to type, but only because everyone is busy working. Savouring the moment of peace before in half an hour, the world speeds up again.

Next time I’m thrown back into the eye of the whirlwind which shall be my life for these first few days, I’ll try and write a piece about how crazy life is out here. And I thought Thailand was insane!

Over and out.