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Short Extract from the House Hunt Saga

You may have noticed there has been no overly excited, exclamation-mark filled post about my new flat. There’s a very good reason for this: it doesn’t exist. Still, after nearly a month, I am flat-less. I’ve got a flatmate, Tamara, she’s fantastic. But she’s also in New York at the moment. We’re down to the final three, but I thought I’d throw in this little description of one lovely flat we went to see last week.

We’d initially turned down the option of viewing this flat, as the estate agents (who to be honest aren’t very good at there jobs) had put us off by saying it was too small. I’m 5’3” surely it couldn’t be that bad? So it was with this thought that we gave in and went to have a look, as well as discovering that really there weren’t that many flats about.

The flat itself was very central and on the top floor of its building, making it an attic. The first room we came to was a huge (for the size of the flat) sitting room with a big sofa and plenty of standing space. The doors were a little low, but that would only matter when I had normal sized friends to come and stay.

The first bedroom was also ok. Lots of light from the skylight and you’d only be in danger of knocking yourself out if you slept with your head towards the wall. There was no extra room for a wardrobe, so that was kept in the lounge.

As for the second bedroom, this was when things started to go a bit more down hill. The bed in the cubby hole (it was in no way an actual room) resembled a small sofa rather than a bed. Here too there was no space for any extra furniture, but there was no replacement. Compulsory floor-drobe in there then.

The kitchen was split into two rooms: one was simply cupboards with a large beam running through the middle at my face height. A little bit awkward. The other was easier to stand up in, but had the tragic problem of no oven. I pointed this out and Tamara seemed to understand my need for making excessive amounts of cake.

At this point, it was almost certain we wouldn’t get it, but there was one last room to see. The make it or break it room: the bathroom.

We’d been warned before that due to the sloping roof the bathroom was a little on the small side and the shower smaller than usual, but we’d expected something a bit like this:


In reality it was actually more like this:


Hulk Break Puny Human Shower!

Literally, it was tiny. You would have had to sit down in the teeny tiny bath space they’d vague offered in compensation. It was the size of a bidet.

So we left, trying not to laugh and wishing it would have been ok to take a picture. Which it wasn’t. And we decided not to go for that flat.

But you never know, soon that overly excited, exclamation mark filled post might appear… Watch this space!